Currently under construction **July 24-August 15**

The Idea


Guiding Principals

  • Live within the means of our planet 
  • Share resources
  • Teach and influence others in a positive manner
  • Work together to make our world a better place
  • Help one another 
  • Have fun and enjoy life
  • Be kind


What is an ECO Village?


An ecovillage is an intentional, traditional or urban community using local participatory processes to integrate ecological, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of sustainability in order to regenerate social and natural environments.

Because each ecovillage is designed by the people who live there, according to their vision, context and interests, what an ecovillage looks like and how it works is always different.

The Tiny Soul-ar ECO Village (TSEV), Is different than many ECO Villages, in that a significant number of the residents will come here ONLY to affordably build their Tiny House and when done, they will move, with their house, to a different location

Because TSEV serves as a Tiny House Incubator, it will encourage and support others to live simply and lightly on the earth. The details of how the TSEV are spelled out below. It is my desire to foster a community of cooperation and philanthropy in hopes that later, in future years, the villages past “residents” help this and others like it succeed. 


Think Different!


The example below is only ONE CASE Scenario. Other ideas, options, situations are possible. 

A resident would pay $300.00/ month in rent to live in a Tiny House owned by TSEV. The resident will agree on a specified amount to put aside each month in order to purchase supplies needed to build their own Tiny House. Perhaps $500.00/ month. That would be a total of $800.00/month plus their small utility and heat bill which is an average rent amount. If a resident spent $800.00/ month for about 4 years they would own their own Tiny House costing about $27,000.00 in materials during that time. They would own their Tiny House outright and would take it and relocate to their own land, a friend’s, back yard, their parent’s driveway or some other location. 

If they didn’t have a place to go, they could move their tiny house to a different location at the village and pay a lot fee of say perhaps $50.00/month plus their utilities. While on this lot, they could save money for the next 12 months or so in order to purchase a piece of land somewhere else. The resident would still need to participate in cooperative production at the TSEV. 

Although not a requirement, it’s my hope that they enjoy the cooperative aspect of the TSEV, and want something similar for themselves. I would be happy to help them start another ECO Village in a different part of the country, somewhere they have personal connection or desire to settle. By doing this, we could build pockets of cooperative and affordable villages across the country and world.