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Our Team


Myself and three friends who will help with the start up process. These three individuals will be the founding "Not for Profit" Board of directors. 

Beyond that, hundreds of people interested in Tiny House Living. 

Our Mission


To provide an example of simple, sustainable, and cooperative living. Through sustainable practices such as permaculture, simple and minimalistic building techniques, and treading lightly on the earth, residents will foster a community in which people can transform their lives. We will support each other in reaching our highest human potential. In educating on the importance of simple and natural living, we will teach others the value of proper stewardship of the Earth. 

Our goals will be supported by providing educational services related to minimal and natural building techniques, sustainable living practices, and living simply. These services will allow us to serve the working poor and needy, to live a newly empowered life based on self-sustainability, simplicity and living within the boundaries of nature. 

Hmmm, what here..?




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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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This community IS ONLY A CONCEPT at this point. If you have ideas about how to get this off the ground, please get in touch with your ideas.