Where is the ECO Village?

Right now it is in the planning and resource gathering stage. I’m interested in starting this village in the Southern Maine area. A rural setting but within 20-25 minutes of a larger city (Portland, Brunswick).

Other possible locations include:

North Yarmouth
New Gloucester

What do I do if I’m interested in becoming a resident?

The application is currently in development. Send an email to Alan stating your interest. alan@tsecov.org.

How can I help this village off the ground?

Contact Alan and let him know that you can help. Cooperation is key and working together will make it happen. 207-485-0544

Why doesn’t your model incorporate shared ownership?

Some residents will be a part of the ongoing success of the village. Some of the sites at the village will be temporary, a place to help people build Tiny Houses for themselves. Those long term members may include a resident Farm Manager, Volunteer/Intern Coordinator, Café Manager, each actively managing their respective areas.

The “Change agents”, short term residents, will be entering into an “incubator” situation to rent cheaply while investing in their own house with time and their own money. Once a resident has completed building their tiny house, with the help of fellow residents they will move their house to a new location. If they would like to develop a tiny house community in that location,  we would be happy to help them do that!

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