“The Idea”

April 23, 2016 Alan Uncategorized

The following is one idea of how The Tiny Soul-ar Eco Village (TSEV) could work. An advisory council made up of the residents of the village would advise the Board of Directors and help shape the village.

TSEV is a compact community designed to encourage, educate, and demonstrate how to live simply, respectfully, and lovingly in cooperation. By living simply, each member of the community would be helping our environment on a personal level, by living each day simply, and responsibly. The advisory counsel would continually work to focus the community on helping others in the village, greater community, and our world.

The housing component will operate with a rent to own structure. A resident candidate will apply to live in a tiny House owned by the TSEV Non-Profit. The resident will agree to put aside a set amount of money towards the purchase of materials to build their Tiny own Tiny House in an adjacent  lot to their rental Tiny House. The money (except for the true  rental amount) and the materials paid and invested in their own tiny house by the resident is the personal property of that resident. The resident, other residents and the members of the board of directors will work on the resident’s tiny house during spare time, until the unit is completed not to exceed 4 years and 4 months. After the tiny House is complete, the resident/owner will move the unity to a location of their choosing outside of TSEV, using approved methods spelled out in the lease. If the resident has no place to take their Tiny House but wants to save for a piece of land, another written agreement will be developed between TSEV and the resident for an additional 12 months in order for the resident/owner to save money for a land purchase. The resident will remain an active member of the community, with responsibilities as with all residents but will pay only a nominal lot fee because they will be living in their finished tony house at that time. Utilities will be paid by the resident. After an additional 12 months, all tenancy is complete.

The tenant will agree to cooperate with the TSEV advisory counsel, participate in TSEV community projects, events, and productivity  as well as participate in outreach projects to benefit the city or town where TSEV is located.

Example and current estimate. If the village can sustain on less, the rental fee could be less, and visa versa. If the village is operating “in the hole”, the rental amount may need to be greater, OR the advisory counsel would  need to work on other ideas to sustain the village.

Rent for the Tiny House = $300.00/month

Resident puts aside $500.00/month for building supplies

Total monthly amount the resident “pays” = $800.00

After approximately 4 years (4 years and 4 months) the resident would own their own Tiny House and would leave the village.

This is based on $26,000.00 total cost, which is the estimate of what my house will cost when it is complete and fully furnished with appliances.

Helping someone attain affordable housing within their means, is a gift of a lifetime!

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